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Naming Matters’ Brand Automation Platform identifies problem names instantly before you get emotionally attached. Users apply Naming Matters technology to economically check out their names early in the creative process, and eliminate the risky ones. Focus on your best candidates to save time, money, and energy.

We Know What You Need to Know

Below is a small selection of names our founder created over the years. With 30+ years of naming experience, we know what you need to know, to evaluate your names and focus on your best. We thank our naming clients for the opportunity to create hundreds of names for them. Now we’re sharing this experience through Naming Matters.

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New Augmented Creativity Suite Helps You Create Better, More Unique and Protectable Names

We founded Naming Matters to address a bottleneck in our own name creation process: the time and expense of checking the availability of name candidates.

But it turns out that for most people, the more serious pain point is how to create great names.

Where do these names come from?

Our new Augmented Creativity suite provides subscribers some of our most reliable name creation techniques and tools. Our aim is to augment your own creativity, leading you to more and more great names.

Professional subscription includes also 15 minutes per month to discuss your name creation process with our founder.

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Naming Matters is a spin-off from Master-McNeil

As a pioneering naming firm, we created Naming Matters to solve our most frustrating problem: the time and cost of searching the names we created. With Naming Matters we (and now you) can search dozens or hundreds of names, instantly and painlessly. And we visualized the search results, so you can see with just a glance how available or troubled a name is likely to be, without reading tons of pages of results.


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