Our Subscription Offers

Our subscriptions make it quick and easy to check the uniqueness and trademark availability of your names, while you are still in the creative stage or when you are down to your favorite few.

Stop wasting time and money on risky names you can easily rule out yourselves. Identify and stake out unique, defensible, and ownable positioning and messaging, and Get Better Names.


Search 1 name


  • Search 1 name and experience Naming Matters
  • See our visualization of your search results
  • We display algorithmically analyzed name conflicts & risks for your selected classes and geographies
  • Save and share your results


Search 15 names/month


Save $258/year with an Annual Standard Subscription

  • Search 15 names/month
  • Refine your results: change, explore, add, or subtract multiple trademark classes and geographies in real-time
  • Review and explore algorithmically analyzed name conflicts & risks across all your selected classes and geographies
  • Visualize search results for each of your names; also display in List View form
  • Review your results immediately or come back whenever you want
  • Gain market intelligence by exploring existing names, their goods descriptions, their owners, and their geographies
  • Save, share, and export your results


Search unlimited names/month


Save $598/year with an Annual Pro Subscription

  • Search unlimited names every month of your subscription
Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Pro Subscription includes monthly 15-minute real-time conversation with our founder
  • Unlimited access to new Augmented Creativity Suite
  • Dedicated Account Management & Support team

How users use Naming Matters to gain insight into the potential success or riskiness of their names

How users use Naming Matters as part of their Name Creation Process

Pricing & Subscription FAQ

Yes, you can pause, downgrade, upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Be sure to do this at least a day prior to your normal renewal date, or you will be charged and your change will not take effect until the following month. Note, if you pause, downgrade, or cancel your subscription, you will retain the current month's remaining searches and can use them for the remainder of that month.

Yes, we have put in place an easy method to pause your plan. See how to in our FAQ. Be sure to Pause at least a day before the date your current plan would otherwise renew and be charged.

Our new promotionally-priced non-subscription pack offers let you have full access to 3 or 8 Naming Matters searches and all the capabilities of our site, for a simple one-time charge. Just click one of the "Purchase" buttons when you hit your search results.

As these non-subscription offers are so limited, they are not refundable. Any unused searches will remain available to you until used up, and do not expire.

Potential subscribers can still go to our Pricing Page and choose a monthly subscription (15 searches/month) on our Standard plan, or unlimited searches on our Pro plan. These plans are even more economic on a per-search basis, and will renew automatically until paused, downgraded, or cancelled, which you can do any time.

For an occasional casual user or someone with just a few names to search or a short-term project, then the Standard plan will likely be your best option. Once you're done you can easily pause your plan until the next time you need us again.

For someone with ongoing name creation and search needs that exceed a metered plan, such as if you are an attorney , a VC , an incubator , a new product development person , a branding or marketing consultant , or a naming consultant , you will find our Professional subscription most flexible and economic. As with our Standard plan you can pause at any time, if for some reasons you are not involved in any naming in a particular month.

Naming Matters currently offers three different plans.

  1. Intro - When you sign up you can search one name and see your results displayed on Naming Matters' patented Visualization, but you will not be able to fully explore your results until you click to purchase one of our inexpensive non-subscription offers shown on that page. Once you see the visualization of your Intro name search, you will be offered two promotional one-time (non-subscription) offers to search and fully explore a handful of names.
  2. Standard - our Standard subscription includes 15 searches per month and the full capabilities of Naming Matters.
  3. Professional - our Pro subscription includes Unlimited searches and the full capabilities of Naming Matters, as well as real time consultation with our founder and dedicated account management and support.

If you are part of a large team, or would like to discuss our Enterprise solutions, please get in touch to discuss our high volume user/multi-user accounts.

Yes, your subscription will automatically be renewed and charged to you each month at its current level unless you pause, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan. As we make this so easy to do on-site, we do not offer refunds if you decide later in the month that you had meant to make any of these changes. So be sure to make any changes at least one day prior to your renewal date, which is clearly displayed on the site.

We use Stripe for our payments and can accept payment in 135 currencies. We currently accept credit card payments and are in the process of adding PayPal and ApplePay.

Absolutely. Our system powered by Stripe allows for payment in 135 different currencies. A full list of supported currencies can be viewed here.