How did SB Master/Master-McNeil create all those famous names I see on the Naming Matters website?

Written by SB Master
October 18, 2022

Naming Matters is a new company, spun-off from Master-McNeil (, a pioneer in the naming sector with over 30 years experience creating great and lasting names.

We originally created Naming Matters for our own use, frustrated by the time and cost of checking the availability of our creative work. The names you see are a small subset of the hundreds of names we created at Master-McNeil for our clients, over several decades of work. Prior to founding Master-McNeil our founder created and led creative at Wordmark, the first naming division of an international “identity” firm. A couple of the names here are old favorites from that time.

Master-McNeil continuse to create names for the occasional client, and to continue our long tradition of pro-bono name creation for a variety of non-profit organizations