What are trademark classes?

Written by Dan Symons
October 18, 2022

Intellectual Property Offices worldwide use a standardized trade mark classification system that groups together similar goods or services into 45 different Trademark classes.

When applying to register a trade mark, you must use this classification system to specify what category or categories your trademarked name will fall under. 

Each class contains a list of pre-approved descriptive terms. These cover all the goods or services included in that class. You can also use your own language to describe your goods or services in a more unique manner, within any given trademark class. These descriptions may receive greater scrutiny by trademark offices, but if approved can serve you well to differentiate what your trademark protects.

  • goods are listed in classes 1 to 34

  • services are listed in classes 35 to 45

For reference, we've included a summary of of the 45 Trademark Classes below. 

Trademark Goods

1 Chemicals

3 Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations

4 Lubricants and Fuels 

5 Pharmaceuticals 

6 Metal Goods 

7 Machinery 

8 Hand Tools 

9 Electrical and Scientific Apparatus 

10 Medical Apparatus 

11 Environmental Control Apparatus 

12 Vehicles 

13 Firearms 

14 Jewelry 

15 Musical Instruments 

16 Paper Goods and Printed Matter

17 Rubber Goods 

18 Leather Goods 

19 Non-metallic Building Materials 

20 Furniture and Articles Not Otherwise Classified 

21 Housewares and Glass 

22 Cordage and Fibers 

23 Yarns and Threads 

24 Fabrics 

25 Clothing 

26 Fancy Goods 

27 Floor Coverings 

28 Toys and Sporting Goods 

29 Meats and Processed Foods 

30 Staple Foods

31 Natural Agricultural Products 

32 Light Beverages 

33 Wine and Spirits 

34 Smokers' Articles 

Trademark Services

35 Advertising and Business Services 

37 Construction and Repair 

38 Communication 

39 Transportation and Storage Services

40 Treatment of Materials 

41 Education and Entertainment Services 

42 Computer, Scientific, and Legal Services 

43 Hotels and Restaurants

44 Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural Services

45 Personal Services